In 1992, Andre Beaupre in Quebec is a pioneer as the first Microsoft Certified Trainer, first technical trainer at Computer MultiHexa, he then became a consultant as a specialist in Microsoft server products.

Founded in 1995 by André Beaupré as the IT services the ABI. In 1997, he joined Robert Rosa and operates under the name Vagabond Group, but in 1998, the union ends and continues its operations under the name of ABI Group with Ms. Marie-Claude Desjardins becomes associated . After working at ABI Group in the early 2000s, Mr. Christian Savard back in the company in October 2009, but this time as a partner and as Vice President and Integration Solutions.

For several years, the training of network administrators has been at the heart of the company. Always focused on Microsoft server software, the company has made a turn to counseling. First called in reinforcements for their advanced expertise, specialists ABI Group now perform major mandates for large organizations in Quebec, in the public and private sectors.